2-day tour to Chernobyl


2-day tour to Chernobyl


279 € / 246 £ / 307 $

2-day tour to Chernobyl - Gamma Travel No additional
2-day tour to Chernobyl - Gamma Travel No hidden
2-day tour to Chernobyl - Gamma Travel Best price.
2-day tour to Chernobyl - Gamma Travel Insurance and lunch - included in the cost.
  • All inclusive (permits, accommodation, transportation, insurance, dining and maximum safety)
  • Over 50 stunning locations
  • Friendly, professional guides with perfect English
  • Small groups (5-12 people)
  • Skilled drivers and comfortable vehicles (AC, wifi, TV)
  • One night in Chernobyl
  • 36 hours of unique experience

2 day group tour gives you a unique opportunity to feel the postapocalyptic and empty atmosphere as you explore Prypiat in depth at your leisure and what is even more - stay overnight in Chernobyl and talk to local babushkas. This is truly an eye opening experience. We will make your life easy and take care of all paperwork, permits, transportation, insurance and dining. You just come and discover something you will never forget.

2-day tour to Chernobyl - Gamma Travel

Don’t worry,

it’s safe to go there now! Radiation exposure during one full day in the zone is equal to a 1 hour flight and 3000 times less than a CT scan!

Dear comrades,
Don’t miss an opportunity to experience Chernobyl even for a better price.

2-day tour to Chernobyl for 340€ 279.00 €

Limited time offer. + 10% discount for a group 3+ people.

2-day tour to Chernobyl
2-day tour to Chernobyl

Recommend Gamma-Travel to everyone who wants to see the Zone

Had a two day tour with Nikolai in July 2018 and throughly enjoyed it. 
He spoke excellent English and he was happy to answer questions and discuss anything further. 
Only advice I would give is bring insect repellent. The are so many annoying mosquitos in the zone.
I would recommend Gamma-Travel to everyone who wants to see the Zone.

Julian Müller

2-day tour to Chernobyl

Can't recommend enough

This is one of the most memorable tours you'll ever do and to have someone do knowledgeable, interesting and friendly as Nikolai showing us around was incredible. Having been twice, I'd recommend à multi-day tour, there's plenty to see, explore and learn. Can't recommend enough.

Jamie Anderson

2-day tour to Chernobyl


7.30 a.m. - we meet in Kyiv and check your passport details.

8.00 a.m. - depart Kyiv in comfortable vehicles.

Our vehicles have AC, wi-fi on board, so you are always safe and in touch with the world even in the middle of nowhere.  Or skilled drivers will make the journey safe and sound. You have an opportunity to watch a documentary and get very basic information about the zone.  We make a stop at the last petrol station before The Zone, so you can get your morning coffee, buy water and snacks. It is the last civilization on our way.  It takes around 2 hours to get to the main entrance of the zone –check point “Dytiatky”, where we pass passport control, sign radiation safety rules and the tour starts. 


  • Nature is taking over the place. Wildlife is truly great in the zone. There are foxes, hares, wild boars, deer, wolves, moose and herds of Przewalski horses and other species. You should keep your eyes open and look around on your way from the checkpoint to the town of Chernobyl. We see wildlife very often, but no 2 headed animals, monsters and zombies!
  • Stop in the village of Zalissya with almost 700 abandoned houses (uninhabited)
  • Discover the town of Chernobyl – the busiest part of the zone nowadays. Almost 5000 people work and live there in shifts. Radiation background in the town of Chernobyl is lower than in Kyiv.
  • The main square of the town of Chernobyl/memorial “The Wormwood Star”
  • Statue of Lenin (one of the few remaining in Ukraine)
  • Abandoned Synagogue
  • Chernobyl river port with sunken boats and ships
  • Quick stop at local shop (if needed)
  • Memorial “To those who saved the world”
  • Exhibition of original, remotely controlled robotic machines used during cleanup
  • Check in to one of the hotels of Chernobyl town. We do our best for you to stay in a new hotel called “Desiatka”, but it may be fully booked on the days of the tour. In such case, you will stay in the hostel “Polissia”, but have breakfast/ dinner in Desiatka”. Keep in mind, this is Chernobyl so don’t expect a 5 star hotel, but that’s not what the trip is about. (Attention! There is a 10 p.m.curfew, at which time the hotel is locked. You are also not allowed to walk around Chernobyl without your guide.  The hotel in Chernobyl is twin accommodation. If you require a single room, please let us know in advance. Single room supplement is 40$ extra.)
  • Leliv checkpoint, entrance to the 10km zone
  • The village of Kopachi where almost all the buildings were demolished and  buried  during the decontamination works in 1986. The area is very overgrown now. We stop near the remaining nursery school. Here you can face and measure radiation for the first time and learn more about contamination. We highly recommend you rent a personal dosimeter-radiometer Terra-P for 10$, so you can see the readings at any time.
  • Industrial site of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant
  • Cooling towers of the Chernobyl NPP 3rd generation (pass by)
  • Unit 5, unfinished reactor of Chernobyl NPP (pass by)
  • Panoramic view of CHNPP
  • New Safe Confinement (“Arch”) – visitor`s site at  250 m distance
  • NPP cooling channel (feeding giant catfish – available May to September)
  • Memorial “Life for Life” in front of the main administrative building of NPP
  • Prometheus statue, which was evacuated together with Prypiat citizens
  • Lunch (included) 13.30-14.00 (vegetarian meal available upon request): Ukrainian cuisine, all products are delivered from Kyiv.
  • Prypiat welcome sign and decontaminated Red Forest area
  • Bridge of death
  • Prypiat – the ghost town
  • Time stopped there on April 26th 1986 and you now have a unique opportunity to travel back in time and plunge into the Soviet era. Our professional guides have expert knowledge of the area and will help you explore the town on foot for roughly 2 hours. Please note, it is officially forbidden to enter buildings in Prypiat as it is unsafe.
  • You may cover the following locations (depends on the weather condition and preference of the group).
  • Prypiat  hospital 126
  • Prypiat  ferry terminal and riverside café with amazing, laminated stained glass windows
  • Prypiat  town hall –after 1986 – main headquarters for military and liquidators
  • Hotel “Polissia”
  • Main square of the ghost town
  • Palace of culture “Energetic”, the biggest entertainment center of Prypiat
  • Supermarket building
  • Restaurant building
  • Propaganda room with Soviet flags, portraits and banners
  • Bumper cars in the amusement park which was never opened
  • Iconic ferris wheel, the most famous spot in the entire Chernobyl zone 
  • Prypiat stadium “Avangard” which is slowly turning into forest
  • Swimming pool “Azure”, which was still in operation until 1996
  • Middle school of Prypiat
  • Mandatory radiation check at 10km zone checkpoint
  • Dinner in the town of Chernobyl 18.00-19.00 (vegetarian meal available upon request)


  • Breakfast in the town of Chernobyl 8.00-8.30
  • Quick stop at the local shop – meet the local, friendly dogs!
  • Visiting local babushkas(upon group request)
  • Leliv checkpoint , entrance to the 10km zone
  • The secret Soviet object Chernobyl-2
  • Giant radar array “DUGA-1”
    • Exploration of the military base:
    • Command center
    • Soviet military propaganda
    • secret bunker
    • fire station
    • school
    • cinema
    • gymnasium.
  • Cooling towers of the Chernobyl NPP 3rd generation (visiting inside)
  • Fish farm and scientific base near cooling towers
  • Cooling pond of CHNPP
  • Lunch (included) 13.30-14.00 (vegetarian meal available upon request)
  • Prypiat (in-depth program)
    • School #1, one of the collapsed buildings of Prypiat
    • Fire station of Prypiat
    • Police station with holding cells and interrogation rooms
    • Vehicle graveyard next to the police station
    • The claw, radioactive machine used in 1986
    • Music school
    • Post office
    • Piano shop
  • Mandatory radiation check at 10km zone checkpoint
  • Final stop at Chernobyl road sign, last pictures
  • Obligatory radiation control at 30km zone checkpoint
  • Arriving back to Kiev  at 18.30 – 20.00


You should be least 18 years old to enter the zone. Tour itinerary may change due to weather conditions and upon request of the group!

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