If you’ve been dreaming about a tour of Pripyat and you like to take pictures – you’ve come to the right place. We are offering Chernobyl photo tour that can last 3 to 5 days. Enough time for a detailed exploration of one of the most mysterious places on Earth.

How is Chernobyl photography tour different from others?

Here are some ideas why you should book exactly this tour:

  • A vehicle according to your preferences – minivan or a little car, four wheel drive – whatever you feel like. We love non-standard requests. Once we even organized a tour for a group of British on an old soviet bus. Such an experience!
  • 100% tailored tour, no schedules or templates. Are you fond of creepy children’s toys in kindergartens? Do you like to watch nature taking over grey soviet buildings? Are you a big fan of cooling tower buildings? Whatever, just say what are your preferences and we will create for you a perfect tour.
  • We will wait as much as you need. Seriously. If you really need this shot at the moment when the sun is 43 degrees south west – okay, take your time. No one will rush you or ask to get in the car because it’s cold/hot/late or something else.
  • We know the best spots. Some of our guides have several years of experience working in the zone. They are extremely passionate and knowledgeable and can show you all of the locations that can be worth your attention.

If this is still not convincing enough for you check Pripyat tour reviews to make up your mind. We also have a TripAdvisor page and a Facebook page, check it out for more reviews!

Is Pripyat tour safe?

Good news and bad news. Bad first – there are places around that are very contaminated and dangerous. Good news – you are fine as long as you follow your guide and do not try to escape, sneak somewhere or break the law in some other way. Pripyat guided tour usually has recommended routes that are safe for visitors. If you’re not going to sit on the ground, eat Chornobyl’s mushrooms or swim in Pripyat River you will be okay.

On the borders of 10 and 30 km zone there are radiation control frames that you will need to pass each time you move between the areas or go back to Kyiv. This is to ensure that no radioactive particle are stuck to your clothes or shoes. After the tour you do not need to burn your clothes or throw them away.

There are rules here to follow during the tour and these rules will be clearly announced in the beginning of the trip. As a double safety measure, you’ll be handed a printed version of these rules and sign that you’ve understood it. It is in our best interest to make your trip not only interesting, but 100% safe.

Pripyat tour price

You can check the whole itinerary and prices for the photo tour here. Pripyat tour cost includes all the charges, transport, paperwork cost, permit for the zone and for the shooting, staying at the hotel (in a twin room, extra 40 euros if you are alone and want a room for yourself), 3 meals per day, and a personal dosimeter. The only expenses that you might need would be snacks, souvenirs, tips, etc.

Can you tour Pripyat for the whole day or two?

Absolutely no problem, we can do that on a private tour. There are enough interesting routes in the city to travel for even several days. Not only kindergartens and amusement parks are interesting for a visit. Have you even heard of the abandoned summer camp? Dentist department of the hospital? The morgue? Former football stadiums? You’ll be amazed of what can you see on a Pripyat photo tour that lasts for several days. Pick yours and let’s go.


How much to visit Chernobyl? What’s the minimum price?

The lowest price you can see at Gamma Travel is 89 euros – it’s a standard price for a one day tour in a group. The price, however, is higher for private and multiple day tours. All the prices in Gamma Travel include transportation cost, permits and other paperwork, lunch, staying in hotel and all meals on multiple day tours, etc. There’s no hidden commission or other additional payments.

Where is Pripyat located? Is it far from the exploded reactor?

The ghost-town is one of the closest settlements to the nuclear power plant. The distance between the closest micro district and the exploded reactor is only nearly 2 km. Other districts are slightly further. The famous Ferris wheel is approximately 3 km away.

What happened to Pripyat?

As a result of the explosion lots of radioactive particles covered the whole town. People were evacuated, but the liquidators of the catastrophe stayed to live in some central buildings of the city. In 1997 everyone left and still no one lives there and won’t ever be able to. The city is completely abandoned.

When to visit Chernobyl?

It is absolutely up to you. As for the seasons there are no any restrictions. Even in February when it might be -20 C in Ukraine, we are still operating our tours (it’s not very comfortable though). The only day in the year when you cannot go to Chornobyl is the 26th of April. It’s easy to understand why – the accident happened on this day and now it’s a day of commemoration. Any other day during the year is available, unless there’s a quarantine situation like in spring 2020.

How to visit Chernobyl from UK?

First of all, you need to book tickets to Ukraine. The cheapest options to Kyiv (KBP or IEV) are Ryanair (from Stansted), Wizzair (from Luton) and MAU (Ukrainian airlines, departure from Gatwick). When this is done, book a tour you are interested in on our website. We can offer you different options for the days you are available. Get your confirmation and get ready. For private 3-5 days tour we pick you up directly from your hotel or even from the airport if you want to (we do have such experience).