An affordable chance to experience many places during a short period of time. A perfect option for backpackers, people on a budget or simply those who do not have much time to spare. If you have always wanted a dark tour - Chernobyl is definitely a place to go. 

What’s special about day trips to Chernobyl?

During an approximately 12 hour journey you will learn much about:

  1. The Chernobyl disaster itself - how exactly and why did it happen and what was happening after it
  2. Time travel – because a visit to Chernobyl happens in the past, present and future at the same time.
  3. What was Soviet Union propaganda like, why people enjoyed living in this regime and what made them think that they were the best country in the world
  4. What was the life like 34 years ago – in the paradise city and in a small village in the north of Ukraine
  5. How nature takes over the habitat that has recently belonged to humans
  6. What lessons should we learn

And of course much more. Of course, it may seem that it’s a very short tour. Chernobyl exclusion zone has much more to offer. Check the other tours if you are interested in longer stays. 

Chernobyl day tour locations 

One day tours, unfortunately, have a limited list of places to visit due to time limits, and we hope you understand us. During this tour through Chernobyl zone you may see these key locations:

  • The town of Chornobyl that has 3000 workers of the power plant and surrounding areas (yes, there are people here who are still working)
  • An abandoned village (or even two, depends on the time, the number of visitors on that particular day)
  • Panoramic view of the power plant and iconic cooling towers that have never been in use
  • Nuclear power plant (we will stand very close to the famous reactor number 4 which is now covered up)
  • Secret military object “Duga”, hidden in the depth of the wild Ukrainian forest
  • Ghost-town of Pripyat with lots of locations in it

Attention! Starting from the year 2012 entering the buildings in Pripyat is strictly forbidden due to the danger caused by poor maintenance and natural conquering. Failing to abide the rules can have severe consequences and even banning from entering the zone again. 

See an itinerary of the tour here

Whom I will be on a tour with? 

People from all over the world book their Chernobyl tour: UK, EU countries, USA, Japan are the most common visitors nowadays. However, people from all over the world are eager to come to our country to get an unforgettable experience in Chernobyl. You can be in a group with tourists from a random part of the planet, and this is another cool thing about group tours, isn’t it? 

Tour Chernobyl price

One-day group tour has the cheapest price among all of our options. Very convenient for those who are staying in the city center of Kyiv. Your pick-up point for Chernobyl tour: Kiev city center, near hotel Dnipro.

What do I need to bring with me? 

The following are compulsory on the day of your tour:

  • Your passport (not an ID). Please note that this should be the same passport that you used for applying for a permit.
  • Clothes that fully cover your body. No shorts, T-shirts, skirts, dresses, sandals or other open clothes are allowed. (if you forget about this, there will be an option to buy special costumes that cover the whole body).
  • Money for paying for the tour (unless you fully paid online) and for some snacks/souvenirs and water if needed. There will be several shops on the way to the Exclusion zone, but not inside.

That’s it for essentials. Everything else is up to you. You will have an opportunity to leave your bag in the bus while visiting some locations, so you don’t need to bring your bag with you at all times. Also you will have an opportunity to rent a Geiger counter on the spot. Just don’t forget to mention about it to your tour guide. 


What happened in Chernobyl?

One of four nuclear reactors exploded, releasing a big amount of radiation.

When will Chernobyl be safe? Can humans live there?

Living in the Exclusion zone is impossible for the next 24 000 years, because this is the period of half-life of Plutonium. 

Why did Chernobyl happen? Who was guilty?

The accident happened because of a variety of several human mistakes. The Soviet reactor had some issues that led to a sudden unwanted reaction after stopping it.  

Can you go to Chernobyl now?

Chornobyl town is open for visitors, same as the nuclear power plant (on the private tour you can even go inside), surrounding areas, and the abandoned-town of Prypiat.

Is Chernobyl still radioactive? Is it safe to go to?

Unfortunately, some dangerous particles are still present in the area. During visiting the Exclusion zone keep on the path, avoid any contact with potentially contaminated surfaces and stay close to your guide. If you follow the main rules, you are absolutely safe. 

How dangerous is Pripyat?

You can visit this ghost-town without any harm for your health but only on the condition that you follow your guide’s recommendations and the rules.  

How can I visit Chernobyl? Can I go by myself, is it allowed?

You cannot go to the Exclusion zone on your own because you’re required to have a special permit for visiting. You should book a day trip to Chernobyl from Kiev on this page or choose another tour from different options. All documents required for your trip are provided. 

How much radiation is in Pripyat?

The level of radiation in Pripyat is different in its different parts. There are areas with less than 0.15 micro Sieverts, which is less than in Kyiv. But there are areas where the level of gamma radiation is several hundred and even thousand times higher than the norm. 

When will Pripyat be habitable? 

It is absolutely impossible to make it a living place again. First of all, because of the high radioactivity. The second reason is that the houses were left un-maintained and have been exposed to natural take over for the past 34 years.