Planning your first trip to Ukraine? Kiev tour is exactly what you need. Why visit only the Exclusion zone, and leave behind such an amazing part of history? Kiev sightseeing is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the capital and the biggest city in Ukraine.

Ukraine is a relatively young country, but this is just because it has recently got its independence. Did you know that the history of its capital goes back to the 5th century? First it was Kievan Rus (an ancient Kingdom in Eastern Europe). Ukraine always was under lots of invasions and occupations - the Golden Horde, Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Kingdom of Poland, Russian Empire, and of course the Soviet Union. It survived 2 World Wars and the Holodomor, and only then the Chornobyl catastrophe.

You are going to visit a very unique country that had this much through its history and yet stayed alive and on its own two feet. And where there’s so much to see and experience!

Why should I tour Kiev, Ukraine?

It’s needless to say that the capital of Ukraine is a wonderful old city that still keeps its historical soul. At the same time, some Kiev tourist attractions are quite modern and up-to-date. Moreover, because of economic reasons, it is the cheapest country in Europe (seriously). So even an average European Union citizen would feel rich once in Ukraine. Come on the Kiev city tour to experience it yourself.

What is Kiev sightseeing tour?

During this journey you’ll be able to visit some old streets and buildings in the heart of Kyiv, its city centre. Here’s a short list of Kiev must see places:

  • Independence Square (with a huge monument, fountains, historical buildings) and Khreschatyk Street. Also it’s a place where the Revolution of Dignity took place.
  • Golden Gate (reconstructed version of medieval city gate)
  • Kiev Pechersk Lavra (Landmark monastery and a cave system) – save at least half of a day for this journey
  • The Motherland Monument (a very recognisable huge iconic sword-bearing statue near Dnipro river)
  • St. Sophia's Cathedral (11th-century Orthodox church & museum). You are able to go inside and watch the square next to it from the top of the church. The highest point is nearly 76 metres.
  • St. Andrew's Church (18th century) and Andriivs'kyi descent (wavy and steep historic street with picturesque views, souvenirs stalls and street musicians). If you are a fan of the writer Bulgakov you can see the house he lived in and even visit it inside.
  • Kontraktova square (old city area filled with lots of bars and restaurants). There’s a big Ferris wheel in the middle of the square for a better view.
  • Poshtova square (river bay area with street food restaurants, beanbags with shisha and a port for ships and yachts)

And this is only a short list. Ask us if you need any more attractions or anything really specific.

Where else can we go?

Your city sightseeing tour Kiev can be extended in one of the restaurants in the city centre, so you can experience real authentic Ukrainian cuisine. Apart from famous Ukrainian vodka (by the way, we call it horilka), there’s so much to taste! Have you ever heard about these?

  • Borshch – a vegetable soup based on beetroot, served with freshly baked buns, sour cream and garlic
  • Varenyky – Ukrainian ravioli, but tastier. Can be with different fillings, the most famous is potatoes (of course)
  • Chicken Kiev – a soft, crunchy cutlet with butter and herbs inside
  • Holubtsi – a secret combination of rice and vegetables wrapped into softened cabbage leaves
  • 1001 dishes from potatoes, starting from light appetizers ending with heavy meaty dinner options

Also there’s a special place in Kyiv where you can try traditional Ukrainian meals with a modern accent – real fusion. Come with us to sightseeing Kiev and surprize your stomach.

As for the bars or nightclubs – we’ve got a lot in Kyiv, and they are quite affordable and friendly to foreigners. You probably won’t need a guide for these places, but in case if you need help we can point you in the right direction ;)

What Kiev sightseeing tours exist?

Depending on your guide, your preferences and the weather conditions we can offer you different kinds of Kiev city tours. If you are an active person then Kiev walking tours is your option. If you’re into sitting and watching the sights with rare stops on your wish then you’ll definitely prefer Kiev sightseeing bus tour. Tell us what you’re up to and we will figure out what is the best option.

So, even if you have a short weekend in Ukraine, you can visit Kiev, tour Chernobyl and go back home with incredible package of emotions. Gamma Travel can organise for you both and hold responsibility for your amazing Ukrainian weekend!


How far Chernobyl radiation went?

A big part of Ukraine and Belarus were the most contaminated areas. However, during the first few days even Sweden noticed the change in radiation levels. As the wind mostly blew in north-western direction, all the area from the UK to Scandinavia was affected as well.

Where to fly to visit Chernobyl?

The closest airports would be KBP (Kyiv Boryspil, less than one hour drive from the capital of Ukraine) and IEV (situated in Kyiv city). You can see different spelling of this city - Kyiv is Ukrainian, Kiev is Russian, both mean the same place on the map. From the capital of Ukraine you can book a tour to Chornobyl and back, either one day or multiple day’s journey.

Where to stay to visit Chernobyl?

Depends on whether you chose a one day tour or a multiple day. If your choice is option one then you should stay in any hotel or Airbnb in Kyiv. Group tours depart from the hotel Dnipro which is in the very city centre. On a private tour Gamma Travel will pick you up from any hotel you’re staying at. If you’re on a multiple day tour we will place you into one of the hotels inside the Exclusion zone – what an experience!

When can we visit Chernobyl?

Basically any day you like, despite it’s the 26th of April or there’s a world-wide quarantine. First reason is related to the day of the catastrophe. Annually people who lived here and government officials come for commemoration. There are no other restrictions, including seasonal – the zone is open the whole year round.

How can tourists visit Chernobyl?

Book the tour you are interested in on this page. Gamma Travel organizes everything you need on your journey – starting from all paper work needed ending with a hotel for an overnight stay in the zone.

How do I visit Chernobyl?

Start with booking one of the tours from Gamma Travel. Pack your bag and prepare for an adventure. We will pick you up from your hotel in Kyiv on a private tour or you’ll need to get to the city centre on your own if you’re taking a group tour. Everything else is on us – we will provide you will transportation, paperwork, lunch, overnight stay if needed, and, of course, amazing experience in the zone!