Travel across the South of France, a region renowned for its stunning scenery, priceless historical artifacts, and unrivaled luxury lifestyle. With suggested activities to please history lovers, thrill seekers, and those seeking glitz, this book strives to deliver a smooth travel experience by presenting the finest of each city from the viewpoint of a tourist.

The Ultimate South of France Itinerary: From Monaco to Arles

Traveling down the coast is made easier by this itinerary, which begins at Monaco's easternmost point and heads west through Nice, Cannes, and Saint-Tropez before ending in the major cities of Marseille and Cassis. The route then proceeds north to Aix-en-Provence, which passes via the inland cities of Gordes and Avignon, before arriving in the western area of Arles.

1. Monaco: The Pinnacle of Luxury

Monaco is the epitome of elegance, a place where sophistication and wealth are the standard. The world's elite can be glimpsed in its yacht-lined harbors, glitzy casinos, and prestigious Formula One Grand Prix.

  • Historical. Take a tour of the Prince's Palace, a representation of Monaco's regal past.

  • Active. Spend a leisurely day at Larvotto Beach or partake in water sports.

  • Elegant. Visit the Opera de Monte-Carlo to immerse yourself in high culture.

2. Nice: Bright and Spectacular

Nice offers a fusion of calm beach living and vibrant city life, as well as a wealth of cultural diversity and laid-back Mediterranean moods. The bustling Old Town and the Promenade des Anglais are must-see locations.

  • Historical. Take a look at the artist's collection at the Matisse Museum.

  • Active. Climb Colline du Château for sweeping views of the city.

  • Elegant. Take a tour of the opulent Hotel Negresco, a symbol of Belle Époque style.

3. Cannes: Elegant and Dramatic

Cannes, a city well-known for its film festival, combines beachfront sophistication and cinematic history with its famous La Croisette boulevard and quaint Le Suquet old town.

  • Historical. Experience Le Suquet's rustic charm.

  • Active. Explore the tranquil Île Sainte-Marguerite on a trek or by boat.

  • Elegant. Visit the Palais des Festivals to take in the glitter of the Cannes Film Festival.

4. Saint-Tropez: Chic and Beachfront

Known for its beaches, art culture, and exciting nightlife, Saint-Tropez is a former fishing village turned luxury destination that personifies the French Riviera style.

  • Historical. For art and maritime history, check out the Annonciade Museum.

  • Active. Stroll around the picturesque Sentier du Littoral shoreline.

  • Elegant. Savor the sophisticated beach club atmosphere at Club 55.

5. Marseille: Rich and Changing

The oldest city in France, Marseille, with its famous Vieux-Port and the lively Le Panier area, is a dynamic blend of cultural diversity, historic sites, and maritime heritage.

  • Historical. Investigate the historic Abbaye Saint-Victor.

  • Active. Take in Calanque de Sormiou's untamed splendor.

  • Elegant. Visit the Vieux-Port for exquisite meals and boat viewing.

6. Cassis: Adorable and Entertaining

Renowned for its breathtaking calanques and little harbor, Cassis provides a tranquil escape from the busy Riviera, along with chances for outdoor exploration and wine sampling.

  • Historical. Discover historical perspectives and insights by exploring the ruins of Château de Cassis.

  • Active. Take a boat ride or hike in the magnificent Calanque d'En Vau.

  • Elegant. Take a wine tasting excursion to explore the nearby vineyards.

7. Aix-en-Provence: Stylish and artistic

Aix-en-Provence, a city rich in art and history, radiates a sense of Provençal elegance with its tree-lined boulevards and old fountains.

  • Historical. Appreciate Saint-Sauveur Cathedral's varied architectural style.

  • Active. Еxploring fields of lavender in bloom is simply magical..

  • Elegant. Unwind at the opulent Thermes Sextius spa.

8. Gordes: Hilltop Provençal Gem

The historical sites and ancient stone houses of the hilltop village of Gordes provide visitors with stunning views of the Luberon.

  • Historical. The Château de Gordes will provide you a glimpse into the town's history.

  • Active. To see the Luberon is to go on a hot-air balloon ride.

  • Elegant. A truffle hunt is the perfect way to experience the Provençal style of living.

9. Avignon: Enclosed by ancient walls

This papal city is a hub for modern art and mediaeval history; it is also the site of an annual theater festival.

  • Historical. Visit the Palais des Papes to learn about the historical significance of Avignon's papal era.

  • Active. Walk around Rocher des Doms at your own pace and take in the stunning views of the Rhône Valley.

  • Elegant. Indulge in the world-renowned wines of the nearby Châteauneuf-du-Pape region.

10. Arles: A Meeting Place for Art and History

A unique cultural mix emerges in Arles, a city with deep roots in Roman culture and the artistic legacy of Vincent van Gogh.

  • Historical. Arles' Roman Amphitheatre is a historical landmark worth seeing.

  • Active. Get moving and explore the wild beauty of the Camargue.

  • Elegant. For art education, go to the Fondation Vincent van Gogh.

Tips for Traveling

  • Southern France is most enjoyable in the spring and early fall, when temperatures are higher and crowds are lower.

  • With a rental car, you can go wherever you want, whenever you want, and see all the beautiful, lesser-known places.

  • Adding local wines and dishes to your itinerary is a great way to immerse yourself in the culture and learn about the area's culinary heritage.

In summary,

A voyage through cities in the south of France, a place blessed with natural beauty and rich history, combines the modern comforts of life with the fascination of the past. From the opulent avenues of Monaco to the ancient splendor of Arles, every location offers a different viewpoint on this amazing region.


  • Which mode of transportation is the best? Trains can connect major cities quickly, but a car allows for more thorough exploration.

  • Is proficiency in French required? Even though most people speak English, knowing a few French words will improve your experience.

  • How can I travel on a budget? Choosing smaller towns and neighborhood restaurants provides a more genuine and affordable experience.

  • What baggage should I bring? It's best to wear light, comfortable clothing with layers for chilly evenings and sturdy walking shoes for touring.