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THE Shooting range TOUR

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Adrenaline, firepower, target and 30+bullet fired
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Supervision of experienced and professional instructors

skills how to handle guns and protect yourself

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our target blade as a souvenir

hotel pick up and drop off

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Large selection of the real weapons (AK-47, Colt and Mosina rifle)

10 rounds each weapon shooting

practise and marksmanship test

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a shooting range on the outskirts of Kyiv

a highly secure environment, eye and ear protection

Best offer:
195€ for a group 1-2 persons

Extra bullet 3€
Extra machine gun (with 10bullets) 50€

95€ per person for a group 3+ people
Best offer:
3 types of weapons 10 rounds each professional
English speaking guides and
instructors,comfortable transportation, hotel
pickup/drop off.

The shooting range tour with Gamma Travel:

Pump adrenaline in your blud practising shooting and learning how to operate Soviet legendary Kalashnikov machine gun and other weapons in the outdoor shooting range 30 km away from Kyiv. Safety is our top priority! All guests undergo safety training from experienced and professional instructors and get eye and ear protection equipment.

The total duration of this tour is about 4 to 5 hours, including transport, but this can vary according to the skill level of the shooters and the size of the group. Preferred group size is no more than 20 people.

If you find that after AK-47, Colt and Mosina rifle, you want more, we are ready to offer you extra bullets for 3 € per bullet.

You may choose additional machine gun from a large variety of weapons including AR 15 or skeet shooting, each for 50 € extra with 10 bullets.

You are one step from improving your shooting skills to another level!

To make your tour a success, you need to have comfortable shoes and clothes. Please note that lunch is not included.

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