ChOrnobyl AIR Tour



Unique possibility to see the ghost town of Prypiat, ChOrnobyl Nuclear Power Plant with New Safe Confinement “Arch”, OTH Radar from a different perspective. 1,5 flight will definitely print in your memory.
THE town of Prypiat
ChOrnobyl Nuclear
Power Plant
river port
the best and the only safe way to experience ChOrnobyl if you are under 18 years.
2 hours of unforgettable emotions and breathtaking views
Unique possibility to see the beauty of Ukrainian land – Polissia, wildlife, the ghost town of Prypiat, OTH Radar “Duga” and Chornobyl NPP from bird’s-eye view
Possibility to show the ChOrnobyl zone to children and people under 18 years.
Excellent photo and video opportunity
from 240€ per person Final prices (insurance included). No hidden charges.
THE Details of air tours:

Duration of the tour:

4 unforgettable hours (including transfer to the airfield) and ~2 hours of flight itself

Place of departure:

airfield 40 km from Kiev

Departure time:

during daylight hours.


ABOUT Aircraft:

Model: Cessna 172 Flight speed: 150-160 km per hour Weight limit: 200 kg and max. 3 places available.

Transportation to the airfield and English guide are optional
without options, p/p:
+transfer, p/p:
airtour-coast airtour-coast
+transfer and guide, p/p:
3 pers. group
239 euro
255 euro
2 pers. group
350 euro
375 euro
400 euro
1 person
720 euro
770 euro
820 euro
do it because
you want to do it
Air Tour of Chernobyl from Kyiv

Do you want something unique and unusual? Eager to have a different experience of Chernobyl? Try out our Air Tour of Chernobyl from Kyiv – a truly fascinating trip that will be the most memorable Ukrainian experience for you and even your whole family.

The plane trip will guarantee you breathtaking views of the beautiful Ukrainian land with its untamed nature and wildlife that can’t be found anywhere else in Europe. Since people left many years ago, rare species of animals started to come back - herds of Przewalsky horses can be easily seen from the plane, as well as wild boars, and, who knows, maybe someone else.

This isn’t even mentioning the remains of the biggest nuclear disaster on the planet – that power plant where everything happened, the ‘iron forest’ and the ‘red forest’ around it, other abandoned and incomplete reactors of the plant with their iconic cooling towers. And, not to even mention, the beauty and the horror of the ghost town where trees are growing from the roofs and the central square looks rather like a forest. An excellent photo and video opportunity awaits you on this journey.

Whom is it for?

First of all, if you’re into the Chornobyl topic and have been in the Exclusion zone before by land, this will be a great chance to look at it literally from another angle. And this angle is so much interesting! Not many people in the world have seen the zone from the bird’s eye view, but you can.

While 100% of tour companies forbid under 18-year-old people to visit the zone due to legal restrictions, here’s the loophole: air tour of the Chernobyl is not considered visiting from the legal point of view, so it is allowed even to children. Were you dreaming about bringing your beloved ones to the catastrophe site for educational or other reasons? Whatever your motives are, the only way you can bring your children to the zone is to make it by plane.

Also, the air trip is a wonderful chance for old and those with partial disabilities to see the zone. Of course, if their health is good enough for a flight.

Besides, the private air tour around such an amazing location can be a great romantic present for your partner. If you guys are adventurous and like creepy places like Chornobyl, why not trying something really unique and spicy? This tour will definitely be unforgettable for both of you.

Is it safe?

It is absolutely safe to be on the air tour around the Chornobyl zone. Radiation wise during the whole trip you’ll receive a lesser amount of radiation than during one hour of an international flight – so getting to Ukraine will probably cause more ‘roentgen trouble’ than the Chornobyl trip itself. Forest fires (even if there are any during your trip, but it’s unlikely) cannot harm in any way either.

Talking about general flight safety, you can also be sure that our pilots are well-trained professionals with proper experience.

What do I need?

First of all, book your trip at least 24 hours before. Get to Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital, and let us know whether you need a transfer from your hotel to the airfield which is situated 40 km away from Kyiv. Wear comfortable clothes, try to avoid wearing tight collars, loose necklaces, earrings, etc.


If you’re prone to motion sickness, it is recommended to take a special pill 30 minutes before taking off. It is better to have the exact recommendation from your doctor; however, every Ukrainian pharmacy has a universal pill that does its work. Also, it is recommended for everyone not to eat 2 hours prior to the flight – small planes are shakier and affect people’s vestibular system way more than usual international Boeings.

How long does it take?

The tour starts from the airport Borodyanka (1 hour away from Kyiv). The tour takes approximately 4 hours in total, where 2 hours is the time required to get to the airfield zone and another 1.5 to 2 hours for its exploration by air. During this time, you have an opportunity to see:

  • The power plant itself with a big steel sarcophagus that covers the exploded reactor and is due to protect us from radiation for another 100 years
  • Over the Horizon radar Duga – an enormous metal radio antenna deep in the forest, the world’s biggest monument to the cold war era
  • Abandoned villages and semi-abandoned Chornobyl town with its administrative buildings and a river port with sunk boats
  • Polissya region with its picturesque nature that has just reclaimed its former glory after the humans left

So, the Exclusion zone is so much more than the reactor number 4 and the iconic Ferris wheel. The offered route is flexible and can be tailored to your needs - it is just a suggestion of the most efficient way to use your time above the clouds.

After the tour, you can be brought back to your hotel or have a tour around Kyiv with one of our guides. Also, you can try out some authentic Ukrainian food in one of the capital’s best establishments.

Technical side

The journey is conducted on Cessna 172 plane, which will bring you around at the speed of 150-160 km (95-100 miles) per hour. The maximum passenger capacity is 3 people, and the total weight of all passengers should be not exceeding 200 kg (440 pounds).

Optionally on your private air tour of Chernobyl, there can be 2 passengers and an English speaking guide from Gamma Travel. If you want to learn the details about Chernobyl fly with our knowledgeable and experienced guide who will make your flight fulfilling.

Cancellation policy

Unfortunately, we cannot refund arranged beforehand trips if the customer changed their plans for any reason. However, if the cancellation happened because of the weather conditions, military needs, airfield restrictions, acts of God, etc. we will refund you the full cost of the trip. Thank you for understanding.

Why us?

  • Reasonable prices, starting from 239 euros per person
  • The cost includes all the permits, necessary paperwork, etc. You do not need to pay anything else on the site
  • Professional and knowledgeable English speaking guides
  • Nearly 10 years’ experience working in the field of Chornobyl tourism
  • Full support – we can even pick you up from the airport, assist you with the hotel if you need it, etc.
  • Private tour that can be tailored to your special needs, interests or demands

Can kids visit Chernobyl?

There is no opportunity for underage people to go by land to the exclusion zone. Mostly it is connected with legacy restrictions – there are a lot of rules in the zone. However, Chernobyl tours with flights are available for those who are eager to see the zone from the top and without stepping out of the plane and accompanied by an adult.

Do you have to be 18 to go to Chernobyl?

Yes, you do. That’s the only restriction that the zone has in terms of allowances, according to Ukrainian laws under 18 years old means underage. Thus, the air tour is the only opportunity for those who are younger than 18 to experience the mysterious zone fully legally and 100% safely.

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