Could hardly be any better.

Could hardly be any better. Nikolai is clever, creative, understanding, and very reliable. His English skills are way above average (would guess Cambridge level C1 or even higher), so even communicating pretty tricky details is easy with him. We have seen many awesome non-standard places and things in the zone with him, and I can therefore truly recommend him as guide - especially if you are a little more curious and adventurous than the average visitor. It will really pay off.
PS: as he knows a hell lot of photography himself he has an amazing understanding of perspective and light. Hence, whatever your preferences are, Nikolai will be able to guide you to the right spot at the right time to get whichever awesome shot you are after.

Futura Muerte

Futura Muerte

Totally recommend

I would totally recommend Nikolai for a tour. Everything was professionally arranged and very well carried out. Nikolai speaks English perfectly and is very knowledgeable about all things Chernobyl.

Lubomír Bureš

Recommend Gamma-Travel to everyone who wants to see the Zone

Had a two day tour with Nikolai in July 2018 and throughly enjoyed it. 
He spoke excellent English and he was happy to answer questions and discuss anything further. 
Only advice I would give is bring insect repellent. The are so many annoying mosquitos in the zone.
I would recommend Gamma-Travel to everyone who wants to see the Zone.

Julian Müller

Amazing experience

That`s probably the best thing I`ve done in my life!

Thank you very much for unforgettable experience!

John Smith

Excelent guiding

Excelent guiding. I´m going to use again this agency and I recommend it to those who are interested to travel to Chernobyl zone.

Daniella Bogdan Timiras

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