Excursión privada de 1-2 días

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Excursión privada de 1-2 días


79 € / 70 £ / 96 $

Excursión privada de 1-2 días - Gamma Travel No additional
Excursión privada de 1-2 días - Gamma Travel No hidden
Excursión privada de 1-2 días - Gamma Travel Best price.
Excursión privada de 1-2 días - Gamma Travel Insurance and lunch - included in the cost.
  • Viajes personalizados según tus preferencias.

  • Fecha conveniente para usted

  • Solo tú / tus amigos y tu guía

  • Explora en profundidad: lugares que están lejos de las pistas batidas

  • Todo está arreglado para usted (permisos, alojamiento, transporte, seguro, comida y máxima seguridad)

  • Guías profesionales de habla inglesa

  • Conductores calificados y vehículos confortables (AC, wifi, TV).

  • Una noche en Chernóbil

  • Recoge y deja

Excursión privada de 1-2 días - Gamma Travel


Private tour is the best way to experience the atmosphere of abandoned area, hear the silence and plunge into the post apocalypse world.  You are able to see maximum locations in your own pace based on your own preferences and on date that is good for you…just you, your friends/colleagues and your guide. This kind of tours will cover all your needs (urbex , photography, media, research etc.) and give you a unique chance to explore Prypiat in depth. Our experienced guides know the area perfectly, they will take you around and show you breath-taking places that are not possible to see in the group tour. We guarantee you a real adventure, true emotions and experience you will never forget. 

Excursión privada de 1-2 días - Gamma Travel

Don’t worry,

it’s safe to go there now! Radiation exposure during one full day in the zone is equal to a 1 hour flight and 3000 times less than a CT scan!

¿Cuánto cuesta la excursión?

El costo del viaje depende en gran medida de la cantidad de personas que van en la excursión (cuanta más gente va, el precio es más bajo).

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- +
- +

El costo del viaje
por persona: 395

Precio total: 395

¡Atención!El precio incluye: un paquete completo de documentos que permiten visitas a la zona de exclusión, permiso para tomar fotos / videos, transporte a Kiev-Zona-Kiev, guía de habla inglesa, alojamiento en la ciudad de Chernóbil (las noches de antes y después de la excursión no están incluidas en el coste), seguro, comida y máxima seguridad. Sin embargo, algunas opciones, como habitaciones individuales, intérpretes, etc. pueden aumentar el coste.


Nos reunimos con usted en el aeropuerto / estación de tren y lo trasladamos a su hotel / hostal. En la mañana del día 1, reúnase con su guía fuera de su hotel / hostal a las 07.50 a.m. Él verificará los detalles de su pasaporte. Luego salida de Kiev. Nuestros conductores cualificados y vehículos confortables (aire acondicionado, wi-fi a bordo, para que siempre esté seguro y en contacto con el mundo, incluso en el medio de la nada) hará que el viaje sea seguro. Nos detenemos en la estación de patrulla, para que pueda tomar su café de la mañana, comprar agua y/o bocadillos. Es la última civilización en nuestro camino. Se tarda aproximadamente 2 horas en llegar a la entrada principal de La Zona, punto de control "Dytiatky", donde pasaremos el control de pasaportes y firmaremos las reglas de seguridad de radiación.

Check in en uno de los hoteles de la ciudad de Chernóbil (para la excursión de 2 días). Haremos todo lo posible para que usted permanezca en el nuevo hotel que se llama "Desiatka", pero podría estar completo en los días de la gira. En tal caso, se hospedará en el hostal “Polissia”, pero tendrá desayuno / cena en “Desiatka”. (¡Atención! Hay un toque de queda después de las 10 p.m. no se le permite caminar por Chernóbil sin su guía). El hotel en Chernóbil es un alojamiento para dos personas. Si necesita una habitación individual, por favor, háganoslo saber con antelación. Tienes que pagar 40S extra por ello. El almuerzo y la cena se ofrecen el día 1 en pensión completa el día 2-4 y el desayuno y el almuerzo del último día en las cantinas de Chernóbil (comida vegetariana disponible a petición): cocina ucraniana, todos los productos se envían desde Kiev. Cada vez que abandone La Zona a los 10 km y a los 30 km, se deberán pasar los controles de radiación. En caso de fallo, empiezas a trabajar como guía allí (es una broma). Llegará de regreso a Kiev alrededor de las 8 p.m. en el último día de su recorrido y lo dejarán en su hotel. Organizamos un traslado al aeropuerto también.

La realimentación

Brilliant from start to finish

Brilliant from start to finish. Very well organised. Nikolai is a fantastic tour guide who is very knowledgeable about absolutely everything!! Would definitely recommend and will be using again.

Tina Lowery Howe

Private 1-2 day tour to Chernobyl and Prypiat

The exclusion zone is a wonderful and extremely photogenic place. Lots of people who come here for the first time can’t stop taking pictures of every single corner. Especially when people have a visit to Pripyat – it’s just impossible not to stop for a minute between grey abandoned haunted houses to feel this crazy empty atmosphere, not to take a picture of a tree growing from the window, a creepy doll in the kindergarten, moldy medical card near the hospital and so much more.

But on a group tour there isn’t much time for each location, so everyone is rushed. A group tour “Pripyat - Chernobyl” usually has nearly 15 people on the bus and it’s impossible to wait for everyone because it won’t be enough time to see all interesting locations. That’s why a private tour to Chernobyl is a way better option if you value your time and don’t like to be in a rush.

What can I see during this tour?

Depending on your tastes you are able to choose between different locations, starting from all famous must-see spots, ending with unknown villages out of the beaten track. Tell your guide about your interests and they can tailor your tour so you can choose the area you want to focus on:

  • Biology (rare animal species and their life without people, the influence of radiation on plants, concrete and trees relationship)
  • History and politics (Soviet propaganda, monuments of the Second World War, Lenin busts and other soviet remains)
  • Engineering and physics (the structure of the reactor, how it worked, the power plant history, what was built and was planned to be built, reasons that led to the explosion, building process of both sarcophaguses)


  • Architecture (typical soviet residence houses in the city and villages, brutalist style buildings, famous soviet uniformity)
  • Photo locations (our guides know what spots are perfect for the best shoots, so do not hesitate to ask)

Or, alternatively, you can have a bit of everything to have the whole big picture of this amazing place. People like to call these private journeys as “Pripyat stalker tour” because you do feel a bit like stalker – small car, no crowd around you, calm and slow pace, and feeling of being alone in the wild – everything to enjoy the trip. Like a stalker but fully safe and 100% legal.

Why private tour is better?

While it’s pretty obvious that private means more comfort, we would like to be more precise and explain what you can expect on a private tour:

  • Small car – less time is needed to load/unload at each location. Which means, your valuable time would be rather spent on sightseeing, not on waiting. Also smaller car means faster border controls, better speed of moving between locations - so it does save you lots of time.
  • Pick up and bringing you back to your hotel. You do not need to think of how to call a taxi, or worse – deal with Ukrainian public transport in the middle of the rush hour. Relax and enjoy your day as a proper Chernobyl tourist, we will take care of all the logistics, paperwork, etc.
  • Tailored tour according to your preferences. You don’t need to listen to something you are not interested at. Establish your goals and our skillful guide will make everything possible to satisfy your hunger. If you only want to tour Prypiat for 2 days straight – okay, we are happy to do that. If you want to visit the self-settlers in unpopular village far away and drink vodka with them – we are also eager to bring you there.
  • No queues for a picture. It’s crucial to say that Chernobyl tourism is booming during the last year. Many people come to visit Chernobyl, Ukraine is a new interesting destination. No wonders that during the high season there can be so many visitors that you’ll need to queue to take a picture. That’s why the private tour is better – we won’t have any schedule to follow and can easily come to some spots at their “less popular time”. Yes, we do know the secret timing tricks in the zone ;)

So, as you can see, this option really has lots of advantages. If your time in Ukraine is limited and you don’t know whether you’ll be back in future, it is highly recommended to choose a private option, so that you can enjoy your journey in full.

Where will I stay if I book a 2 day tour?

There are 3 hotels in the Exclusion Zone, all of them are operating at the moment and accept visitors. Usually we book twin rooms in a hotel “Desyatka”. It isn’t the best hotel in Ukraine of course, but it’s good enough to have a rest after the active day of exploration. Breakfasts and dinners are included in your ticket price and the café is inside the hotel. Lunches on both days are booked at the simple canteen – nothing fancy.


Is Chernobyl haunted?

People call Chernobyl city a ghost place. It is understandable why. Not many houses are inhabitant, the majority of the buildings are just standing empty with black scary windows or even without ones. It does look like a haunted place. Come and check by yourself.

Where is Pripyat situated?
How to visit Chernobyl?
How much does it cost to visit Chernobyl?

Gamma Travel offers you a variety of different tours starting from 89 euros. You can check all the list of prices here.

How far is Pripyat from Chernobyl? Is it the same?

No, it is not. Chernobyl town is 20 km (12 miles) away and it takes nearly 30 minutes by car or a minivan when you’re on the tour.

Excursión privada de 1-2 días - Gamma Travel

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