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Choose your tour and visit Chernobyl

Choose your tour and visit Chernobyl - Gamma Travel

Excursión programada de 1 día

Choose your tour and visit Chernobyl - Gamma Travel

Excursión programada de 2 días

Choose your tour and visit Chernobyl - Gamma Travel

Excursión privada de 1-2 días

Choose your tour and visit Chernobyl - Gamma Travel

Tour privado / foto de 3-5 días

Choose your tour and visit Chernobyl - Gamma Travel

Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant tours

Choose your tour and visit Chernobyl - Gamma Travel

Tanque y APC Tours

Choose your tour and visit Chernobyl - Gamma Travel

Chernobyl AIR Tour

Choose your tour and visit Chernobyl - Gamma Travel

Visita turística de Kiev

Choose your tour and visit Chernobyl - Gamma Travel

Recorrido en la base de Misiles

Choose your tour and visit Chernobyl - Gamma Travel

Recorrido de campo de tiro

Choose your tour and visit Chernobyl - Gamma Travel


Chernobyl Tours by Gamma Travel

Depending on your taste and budget, Gamma travel offers you a variety of tours to Chernobyl. Are you a professional photographer, willing to take a perfect shot of a creepy doll in Pripyat kindergarten for the front page of world-known journal? A fan of tanks, dreaming about a single ride on a T-62? Or just a curious traveler who has always wanted to find out more about Chernobyl? Gamma tour can provide you the opportunities for different Chernobyl tours.

What kinds of Chernobyl trips are there? 

  • 1 or 2 day group tour – an affordable opportunity to see a lot of interesting locations within a small period of time.
  • 1 or 2 day private tour – for those who do not like to be in a rush. More time for each location, 100% personal approach according to your needs. Whether you are a biologist, looking for a rare plant, or a historian, chasing the remains of Lenin books in Soviet schools – we will adjust to your interests and do our best so that you can get what you came for.
  • 3 to 5 days private/photo tour – for real Exclusion Zone lovers. If you have been on a Chernobyl trip before and feel like this place is catchy and wants you back – welcome to our club!
  • Chernobyl NPP tour with Chernobyl reactor number # 4 control room tour - visiting the power plant, the epicenter of the biggest nuclear disaster in the world. You will have an opportunity not only to take a look at how everything looked from the inside, but even to press the AZ-5 button in the control room of the RMBK reactor. Tour to the power plant (not operating anymore). Two packages are available. Basic: visiting control room #3/Basic+: visiting control rooms #3 and 4 and the reactor hall.

These are Chernobyl tours from Kiev to the Exclusion zone. Moreover, except of this famous location we are offering much more for those who want to have a real Ukrainian experience and get to know this beautiful and intriguing country:

  • Kyiv sightseeing tour
  • Shooting tour
  • Tank and APC tours
  • Missile base tour

Lots of options to choose from! 

What are the prices like? 

Chernobyl tours cost depends on the duration of your trip, whether it is private or group tour, whether you need anything special like an interpreter, single room for overnight stay, permission for drone flights, etc. The cheapest option for a one-day tour with an English speaking guide will cost you from 89 euros. Private and customized tours are presented on this page. Please note that these prices include all charges and there are no hidden commissions. 

Can we book tours of Chernobyl online? 

Sure. Pick your option on this page and proceed onwards. Your payment can be done by card if you choose this option. Otherwise you’ll need to pay the deposit needed for your permit issue. The rest of the money will be paid in cash on spot at the day of your tour. You can book your Chernobyl tours from UK, EU, USA or any other country in the world – your ticket with permit will be issued online before your arrival to the zone and handled to you on the day of the tour. 

Are Chernobyl tours safe?

If it weren’t safe we wouldn’t have invited our dear visitors. Current radiation levels make it possible for humans to visit the place without being exposed to emissions. However, it is very important to follow the rules at every moment of your trip. Not only radiation is your enemy, but also the wildlife of the zone that took over immediately after people left. Therefore, there are plenty of rules to follow. Some of the restrictions may seem unnecessary and stupid, but breaking some of them can lead to serious, even criminal, consequences.  Chernobyl tours safety is very important to us, that’s why our guides are fully trained to provide you with the best experience without risking your lives. 


What happened to Chernobyl?

In 1986 a nuclear power plant was damaged by a massive explosion of the reactor number 4. 

    When was Chernobyl?

The disaster happened on the 26th of April 1986. The power plant itself continued working for 14 years after and was finally shut down only in 2000.  

What is Chernobyl?   


It’s the name of a small town which is located a few miles from the power plant. 

Is Chernobyl safe? Can I get radiation during my visit?

It is safe to visit the Exclusion zone today if you follow the rules and listen to your guide at all times. 

How did Chernobyl happen?

It was a mixture of human mistakes. Soviet reactors had issues in their construction which led to accelerating a nuclear reaction instead of stopping it with pressing the button AZ-5. 

How can you visit Chernobyl?

There are several cities from where you can start Chernobyl tours: Kiev, Ovruch, Slavutych. For all options you need to have a special permit for entering the zone. 

Where is Pripyat Ukraine?

This ex-Soviet paradise city is situated close to Chernobyl power plant, nearly 2 hours away from Kyiv to the north. 

When will Pripyat Ukraine be safe?

It is absolutely safe to visit Pripyat if you follow the rules. But it is impossible to live there again because of high levels of radiation and the lack of human maintenance. 

When can Pripyat be inhabited again?

The half-life of Plutonium, that contaminates the surrounding soil, is 24 000 years. During this time it is not safe to live on this land. Therefore, the city cannot be inhabited in nearest millenniums. 

What is Pripyat like today?

Pripyat is a non-inhabited empty settlement being taken over by nature year by year. Lots of buildings are falling apart, forests reappear and the wildlife starts to bloom as humans left this place forever. 

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