5 things not to be missed in Chernobyl

1 visit the site of Chernobyl Nuclear Plant
and see New safe Confinement.

NSC has been moved into its final position and covered the old sarcophagus with the destroyed reactor № 4. This structure is really vast. The metal frame alone weighs 25,000 tonnes. It’s 3.5 times more than the weight of the Eiffel Tower. Total equipped weight is 36,000 tonnes. And at 108 metres is tall enough to cover Notre-Dame de Paris. The total length of NSC is 162 metres or longer than two jumbo jets. It’s safe to visit the site of one of the biggest nuclear accidents in history nowadays.

2 Explore the ghost town of Prypiat

About 50000 Prypiat residents were evacuated within three hours on April 27th and never returned. Abandoned schools, kindergartens, a hospital, stores and malls, cafes, gyms, swimming-pools, stadiums provide an endless field for exploration. Plus, you can see how quickly nature is taking over and experience the Soviet era that doesn’t exist anymore.

3 Chernobyl -2 with radar “Duga -1”.

Chernobyl-2 is a top secret military settlement not far from Chernobyl town, build for militaries and their families, who carried their duty on the early warning system of the Soviet Union. The Radar “Duga” is really impressive vast structure. It’s 500 meters long and 150 meters high. Not every day you have a chance to visit a top secret military facility.

4 Talk to local “babushkas”

Talk to local “babushkas”

About 1200 people came back to their homes after the evacuation and live around Chernobyl despite all the rules. Mainly elderly people came back. There are 148 “self-settlers” in Chernobyl Zone nowadays. There are very friendly and always happy to share their hospitality with visitors. >>

5 Stay overnight in Chernobyl town

How many of your friends can say “I stayed overnight in Chernobyl?” Definitely not so many. It’s such an experience to stay in the town with a curfew and try “Chernobeer” at the local café. (possible only during a 2+ day tour)

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